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Canna Start

Canna Start

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CANNA Start is a balanced and professional one-component fertilizer for seedlings and cuttings (rooted plants).

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CANNA Start is a balanced and professional one-component fertilizer for seedlings and cuttings (rooted plants). CANNA Start can be used with different substrates such as CANNA Terra Seedmix, Rockwool, Jiffy, Fleximix, RootRiot and many more. CANNA Start offers all the micro and macro nutritional elements for seedlings or cuttings, in order to develop a healthy and strong plant.
Due to the addition of CANNA Start to the CANNA product range, it is possible to grow with CANNA from the beginning to the end of the growing cycle!

Only one bottle is needed. CANNA Start is a complete nutrient, an “all in one”. All the necessary elements are concentrated in the same bottle (versions A and B are not necessary).
CANNA Start works seamlessly with all other CANNA nutrients. Once the cuttings have been transplanted into the final growing medium, you just have to switch from CANNA Start to the appropriate CANNA nutrient (Vega) for the medium you are using (CANNA TERRA, COCO, HYDRO or AQUA) for the rest of the cycle. . It is a particularly good combination of CANNA Start with CANNA RHIZOTONIC, since your plants will develop stronger and more robust roots.
Reduces the risk of overfeeding. The needs of cuttings and seedlings differ from those of established plants. A normal nutrient for the vegetative state is not suitable for cuttings or seedlings because you run the risk of overfeeding them.
It reduces the risk of the plant turning yellow. Diluting a plant nutrient for cuttings and seedlings is not the answer, since said solution does not contain enough micro and macro elements, which leads to yellowing of the plant; not a good start to your harvest. To get strong and healthy plants, you have to do things right from the beginning, and for this, CANNA has developed CANNA Start, which provides the exact proportion of all the nutritional elements for cuttings and seedlings.
They grow with seeds.
They make their own cuttings.
Sow the seedlings or cuttings in small pots first, and then transplant them to the definitive medium.

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