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Advanced Nutrients Carboload

Advanced Nutrients Carboload

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Carboload by Advanced Nutrients is a flowering enhancer additive that contains simple carbohydrates and compounds that act in the growing cycle of marijuana plants where the most energy is needed, which is flowering. Carbohydrates or carbohydrates are the most abundant organic compounds in the biosphere and in turn the most diverse. They are normally found in the structural parts of vegetables like glucose or glycogen. These serve as a source of energy for all the vital cellular activities of the plant, from the formation of roots and leaves, to the formation of buds.

Carboload from Advanced Nutrients contributes to the feeding of beneficial microorganisms in the substrate, since it provides a large amount of sugars that will activate their development and improve their functionality. Combining this additive for cannabis crops with others such as Piran-ha and Tarantula, you will improve the assimilation of nutrients and their transfer through the plant.

Enjoy in Cannabislandia a unique product such as Carboload from Advanced Nutrients, with which you will achieve better root health and give the plant an extra supply of energy, with which you will achieve a better production of buds with an enviable flavor.

Shake the contents of the container well before use.
Use 2 ml per liter of water throughout the flowering stage.
Carboload is NOT a product designed to be sprayed on the plant if not mixed in the irrigation water with our usual fertilizers.
For a fully optimized marijuana cultivation, we recommend the use of PH and EC meters and follow the dosages in the fertilizer table that we attach to this sheet.

  • DeoXyribose 15%
  • Lyxose 15%
  • Ribase 20%
  • Xylalose 20%
  • Xylose 20%

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