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About Dutch-Green


We look back at the very first beginning of Dutch-Green. It all began in 1986 when we opened the first branch in the liberal Netherlands. The first adventure of the precursor of Dutch-green took place in ´s-Hertogenbosch. Together with a professional team and quality products, we managed to surpass all expectations of our customers. Because of this success, we decided to broaden our market and to open up another shop in Nijmegen. In the past 30 years, we have developed ourselves into professionals in this field.

With passion, experience, and dedication we managed to win several awards and titles, such as the Highlife Cup. In 1994 we won the first price with the ´Victory Sensation´, by which numerous awards followed. Other award-winning seeds included the ´White Widow´, ´Jack Herrer´, ¨S5¨ and ¨NY Diesel¨. Some of these award-winning strains are added to the current range of Sensation Seeds. Sensation Seeds is a fast-growing company specialized in crossing genetics to produce seeds and can be seen as part of Dutch-Green. 

After 30 years of being successful on the Dutch market, we have decided to take a new path. With Dutch-Green we want to share our knowledge, experience, and passion with our customers by offering the best products and service.


Growshop spanjeDutch-Green is founded by three entrepreneurs, each of whom is specialized in a different field. The team has experience in this branch, logistics, and automation. The combination of these different backgrounds is the driving force behind Dutch-Green. The team of Dutch-Green exists of professional staff who have the appropriate expertise. We consider it important that our employees are aware of the trends and developments within the industry. Hence, a lot of attention and time is spent on educating the staff so we can continue to serve our customers in the best way. The importance we attach to our customers is being reflected in the mission we pursue;

"Dutch-Green wants its customers to have the best grow-experience by offering personal advice in combination with high-quality products"

Product and Service

Dutch-Green only works with the best products in order to surpass all expectations of our customers. Think of big brands like Biobizz, Biogreen, and CANNA. By continuously investing in our product range, we are able to provide our customers with consistent quality and thereby differentiating ourselves from other suppliers in this branch. Dutch-Green offers its products in various price categories in order to satisfy the diverse needs of its customers. Dutch-Green also attaches great importance to the diversity of the product range. Dutch-Green aims, in addition to the best products, to offer the best service to its customers. Consultants are present in our stores who speak Catalan, Spanish, English and Dutch and who have a technical background that may serve our customers by offering them personal advice. Our products are also available online. In our shop, our customers can quickly, easily and discreetly purchase their favorite products. Our customers are able to see what products are available by viewing the availability of the stock on our website. We strive to deliver the orders within 48 hours.


>Dutch-Green has three branches, one of which is located in the heart of Barcelona. This establishment is close to the famous Sagrada Familia. At 700 meters distance, we have a hall available to load and unload discreetly. The other establishment is located just outside Barcelona, in Montornès del Vallès. The establishment in Montornès del Vallès also features a discreet load and unload capability. Dutch-Green is committed to the discretion and privacy of its customers. This is reflected in the facilities of the branches and the measures we use to protect the privacy of the customers. We also provide the possibility to place an order in Barcelona and then pick it up in Montornès del Vallès, where the customers can easily and discreetly pick up their orders. We would like to emphasize that we make every effort to provide our customers with the best service possible.

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