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Batlle Tomato Beef Heart

Plant of indefinite growth and medium size. It produces heart-shaped fruit of a red-orange colour and a good size of around 200 g. Very flavourful, solid, with abundant pulp and few seeds.

Batlle Tomato Muchamiel

Late market variety with excellent yield. Indeterminate and vigorous growth. Red, ribbed, globe-shaped fruits. For growing in open air.

Batlle Tomato VR Marmanda

Es un tomate multilobular, acostillado, cuello verde y forma ligeramente achatada. Su peso es de 180-200 grs. El porte de la planta es semi-determinado alto y es resistente al Fusarium.

Batlle Tomate Río Grande

Creeping tomato variety. Its growing is mainly destined to make conserves, but it also can be eaten in fresh. Cylindrical lengthened form fruits, very much pulp and good taste.

Batlle Marglobe Tomato

Tall bush gives high yield of globe-shaped fruits. Very red, thin skin and few seeds.

Batlle Pimiento Habanero Naranja

Pimiento muy picante de color naranja, fruto de 4/5 cms de largo y 2/3 de ancho. En semillero, trasplantar cuando la planta tenga 3-4 hojas.

Batlle Purple Basil

There is no description available for this product

Batlle Domingo Hanging Tomato

High bush, early, fruits weighing around 80 g brought together in bunches which allow them to be suspended.

Batlle Tomate Orange Queen

Tomate de peso 180/220 gr, piel muy fina. Muy aromático y de sabor muy agradable. En semillero, trasplantar cuando la planta tenga 3-4 hojas a un marco de 40 x 80 cm.

Black Cherry Tomato Batlle

Tomate tipo cocktail muy productivo. Frutos de color rojo muy oscuro. Muy gustativo. Peso 30/40 gr. En semillero, trasplantar cuando la planta tenga 3-4 hojas a un marco de 40 x 80 cm.

Batlle Green Zebra Tomato - Tiger

Semi-precocious variety, 150-200 g fruits, sweet flavour, very tasty.

Batlle Andine Cornue Tomato

Variety in pepper form, greatly appreciated for its excellent flavour.
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