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Watering Systems

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Autopot Sponge for filter 6mm

This sponge is staandrd supplied with the Easy2Grow starter.

Autopot Straight Connector (Various)

Available in 6 and 16 mm. Straight connector, this connector is only used to connect pieces of 2 hoses.

Autopot 6 mm T Connector

6mm T connectors are used to expand your system at a USETHE 6mm slangp. 6mm a T connector is supplied with each Easy2Grow expansion set to expand this simple.

Autopot 6 mm Nutrient Delivery Tubing (Various)

Available in lengths of 1.5 and 50 m.

Autopot Cross Connector 6 mm

This 6mm cross-couplings are used to connect pieces 4 hose with each other. Together with our T 6mm links you can create a setup completely customized.

Root Cloth

Root Cloths are designed specifically for 1Pot, Easy2Grow and expansion sets. These cloths are black and gold in color and are placed in the tray with the golden color upwards and then the pot will put out.

Autopot 16 mm T Connector

16mm T connector to link together 3 tubes with a diameter of 16mm.

Autopot 16 mm - 6 mm T Connector

This T connectors are perfect for reducing 16mm hose to 6 mm hose, when using larger setups.

Autopot hose 16 mm x 1 m

AutoPot 16mm water. Waterworks suitable for all 16mm Autopot watering systems. Per Meter.

Autopot 16 mm - 6 mm Cross Connector

These cross-connectors are perfect for reducing 16mm hose to 6 mm hose, when using larger setups.

Autopot 6 mm Plug Valve

6mm in-line taps are a handy accessory.

Autopot Propagator Lid for Pots 15 L

AutoPot Propagator lid for pots 15L

Autopot 16 mm Plug Valve

16mm in-line taps are a handy accessory.

Grow Max Conector H-3/4”

There is no description available for this product

Grow Max Tub Blanca 1/2” 5m

There is no description available for this product

Autpot Storage Adapter

The Autopot 16mm filter with quick adaptor to water barrel/tank is a very recommended accessory for Autopot systems.

Autpot AQUAvalve

The AQUAvalve is a simple but very effective watering device but needs to be treated with care. Keep the AQUAvalve and the tray it sits in clean, free of obstructions, soil particles and it will help you water & feed your plants for many years.

Deposit Autopot 47 L

Sturdy water tank and lid with an opening to seal the bottom of the water tank. Color Green

Easy2Go Autopot Starters Kit

Easy2GO is the ultimate holiday watering kit for happy, healthy plants. By incorporating the patented AQUAvalve, the Easy2GO will keep plants watered for weeks using a simple gardening tray and water butt.

Autopot Aquabox Straight

The Autopot Aquabox Straight is an automatic watering and feeding system for small gardens. The Aquabox Straight system does not need any tap water supply, nor electric supply, because it works using capillary wicks controlled by a single Autopot Aqu...

Grow Max Valvula Flotador

There is no description available for this product

Autopot systems (Various)

Available in systems of 1,4, 12, 20, 24, 48 and 100 pots. The 1Pot module is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant varieties and sizes.

Autopot 2 Pot Easy2Grow - 8.5 L

The standard size pot used for the easy2grow system is 8.5 litres, if you require something a little larger to suit your dgrowing needs.

Autopot Aquabox Spyder

Autopot's Aquabox Spyder is a simple and functional watering system for plants. The Aquabox Spyder Autopot is an automatic system, without needings of batteries or electricity supply, to keep irrigation in small gardens and rising beds up to 1,2 sqm...
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