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The ROOT!T® Product range

Advanced products through research
The ROOT!T range is the latest innovation in propagation and has been developed to help growers get off to a flying start. With our ongoing product development, we constantly look for ways to improve existing products as well as creating new ones. The products are all designed to maximize success rates and be simple to use.

Reliable performance
Most of our kits feature the ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge which has demonstrated time after time superior rooting ability. It is nice to handle, clean and compostable after use. It dries from the outside in so you will see when it is time to water before your plants get stressed. Due to the way it is made, when combined with ROOT!T Rooting Gel, it will encourage root growth on cuttings faster than any other growing media.

We maintain stringent quality control to ensure products perform consistently well. Each batch of liquid product undergoes complete laboratory analysis before shipment.

Ademas consigue hasta un 30% de descuento en nuestra tiendas.

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ROOT!T Propagator 60 Hole Insert

The ROOT!T Propagator Tray Insert is ideal for ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges and holds up to 60 sponges.

ROOT!T Propagator Tray (57 x 36,5 x 20 cm)

A low-cost option to our propagation equipment line-up, the Root !t Propagator can fit a whole tray of rockwool or jiffy pellets and is a bargain for unheated development of seedlings and cuttings.

ROOT!T First Feed 125 ml

The RootIt First Feed is a fertilizer designed to stimulate the development of our cannabis seedlings or cuttings in the first days of their life, containing calcium, boron, vitamin B1 and humic and fulvic acids.

ROOT!T Propagator Lid (57 x 37 x 15 cm)

The ROOT!T Large Propagator Lid has two vents for humidity control when growing outdoors and the whole lid can also be used on its own as a large cloche.

ROOT!T 24 Natural Rooting Sponges

This is the perfect cutting and germination product.

ROOT!T 50 Natural Rooting Sponges

RootIt Rooting Sponges are made of organic and biodegradable materials, and designed to maximize the germination rate and rooting of your plants.

ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel 150 ml

The RootIt Rooting Gel is specifically designed to be applied in RootIt propagation plugs or other growing media.

ROOT!T Heat Mat (Various)

Available in sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The range of ROOT!T Heat Mats direct essential heat to the engine room of seeds and cuttings - the roots - and can cut several days off the time it usually takes to germinate seeds and strike cuttings.

ROOT!T Growth Kit for Root Sponges incl. Propagator

For Growth Kit "root sponges" (38x24x18.5cm) incl propagator (bucket, tray and lid), 24 root sponges, first feed, cuttings gel, scalpel and manual "optimal results with cuttings and seed"

ROOT!T Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Root!t’s Electric Thermostat is used to control the output of your (separately available) heat mat based around temperature information gathered by its probe, helping to maintain a consistent environment for cuttings and young plants.
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