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pH Test Kit 30 ml

PH Test Kit by General Hydroponics works as a reliable pH tester, easy to use and really economic.

GHE Ripen (Various)

Available in 500ml, 1L and 5L. Ripen is a comprehensive plant nutrient used during the late flowering stage of the plant. It is specifically designed to speed up and enhance the ripening process, while increasing the content in active principles of medic

GHE pH Up (Various)

Available in 500ml and 1L. GHE UP pH regulator - is used to raise the pH, it is very helpful for growers who use water that is demineralised or has passed through an osmosis filter. This new version contains silicate.

GHE pH Down (Various)

Available in 500ml and 1L. We have found a means to regulate the pH that also has other benefits, in addition to the balanced mixture of acids.

Ghe Flora Micro (Agua Blanda)

There is no description available for this product

Ghe Flora Micro (Agua dura)

Flora-Series from GHE - result of 20 years of research, experimentation and use - has been designed by Cal Herrmann, formerly chemical of the NASA and the Berkeley University in California.

GHE FloraGro (Various)

Available in 1L and 5L. FloraGro from GHE provides nitrogen and potassium, stimulating strong stems and healthy growth.

GHE Flora Bloom (Various)

Available in 1L and 5L. FloraBloom from GHE contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur that stimulate the proliferation of roots and the development of flowers and fruits.

GHE Flora Micro (Soft Water) (Various)

Available in 1L and 5L. GHE FloraMicro is a mineral fertilizer suitable for all types of plants, which provides nitrogen and calcium, plus all the essential micronutrients for a balanced nutrition.

Ghe Bio Roots 30 Ml

Bio Roots 30 ml from BIO BOOSTERS General Hydroponics is a root stimulator. It promotes the development of micro-organisms in the root mass as well as the growth of roots and rootlets.

GHE Mineral Magic 1 kg

Mineral Magic is a natural silicate powder, particularly important in hydroponics and soil less cultivation as it brings in a rare element, silicate.

Ghe Bio Bud 1l

There is no description available for this product

Ghe Diamond Nectar 1 L

General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar is an exclusive extract of fulvic acid, rich in organic substances and essential minerals for plants.

Ghe Bio Protect 60 Ml

Bio Protect 30ml from BIO BOOSTERS General Hydroponics acts as a plant strenghtener and regenerator. It strengthens the immune system and repels insects, by increasing the production of alkaloidal repulsive saps in the leaves and the flowers. It increases

Ghe Bio Bloom 250ml

Bio Bloom 30ml from BIO BOOSTERS General Hydroponics is a plant growth and flowering activator. One of its specific properties is the relocation of the nutrients in the plant, acting on those sections with most deficiencies. In ensuring an even nutrition
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